Of mice and mugs

The day that I stepped into the magical world of Redwall, has finally arrived! After nearly 14 years of owning the first book of the series by Brian Jacques, I started devouring its first pages, just a couple of days ago. I already find it quite interesting and it seems that is going to be quite epic too. The main character is a clumsy, kind-hearted mouse named Matthias who lives in an abbey called Redwall. Redwall is a place of peace for all the mice and other woodland creatures that reside there. That will soon change, as an evil rat, Cluny the Scourge, declares war on the abbey. And that’s how much I’ve read so far. I am so looking forward to what’s coming next!

In other news, my weekend was kind of productive, as I decided to give my diy skills a try. So now I have my own Harry Potter-themed mugs to enjoy a hot chocolate or a cup of tea!
The result was pretty satisfactory and I feel like there are more to come!


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