Week movies

As this week comes to an end, I must admit that my reading levels are hitting rock bottom. Bookwise, I did not make any progress, except for the fact that I started reading “Nimona“, a graphic novel that I first read about on Over The Place. It is about a girl that happens to be a shapeshifter, who ends up being a villain’s sidekick. It is quite fun and easy to read so far. The illustration is simple, yet charming and I shall tell you more about it once I finish it.

On Thursday I watched “Room” as it premiered here in Greece and I was so agog to see Emma Donoghue’s book adaptation on the big screen. I really loved the book, as it was the first to make me cry, and I can say that the movie did not disappoint me. It must be one of the best book-to-movie adaptations out there. Brie Larson was amazing but the one that really deserves every award on this planet is Jacob Tremblay, who was absolutely stunning. I never knew a little kid could perform like that and I was totally blown away by his performance!

I also started watching the Divergent series on Friday and I must say I really, really liked the first two parts, “Divergent” and “Insurgent“. For those of you who are not familiar with the series, it’s about a post-apocalyptic future of humanity, in which the remaining people live in Chicago, and have built a wall around it to be protected. They are divided into factions based on virtues but Tris -the protagonist- finds out that she fits into more than one, which makes her a Divergent. And then the action starts kicking in! I have not read the books by Veronica Roth on which the movies are based but I loved the adaptations -maybe more than the Hunger Games series- and cannot wait for the final part, “Allegiant“.

P.S. *SPOILER ALERT* In “Divergent” I watched what I think is the most believable character’s death on the big screen ever. You can watch it here.


Bits and Pieces

I know it’s been weeks since I last posted something new, and I really don’t want to end up posting once a year. So, although I have not made any progress on my reading, I will give you a glimpse of my week!

I am currently obsessed with a greek youtuber whom I just discovered -but I think everyone in Greece already knew about- and since she’s been posting her videos for 4 years now, I have plenty of material to catch up on. Her name is Mara and you can find her channel here. She also has an international one in english. The majority of her uploads are make-up and hair tutorials, but I got to know her from some books/movies review videos she makes. She is so much fun to watch and she is also a cat lady. Enough said!

I recently went to the cinema to watch Inarritu’s “The Revenant” with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. Well, you know. The movie that everyone’s talking about because it’s supposed to finally earn DiCaprio an Oscar. I must say I was not impressed. Sure the photography was great and the plot not too bad, but it was tiring. So tiring that I had been wondering how many days was I sitting in that chair. If the director had cut the sunset/sunrise/forest/snow/river/sky scenes, there would be just an hour of the movie left. Another contributory factor to the weariness of it, was that there were not many scenes in which the actors talked. DiCaprio was flawless – as always – but the one I really think should get an Oscar is Tom Hardy – maybe because he had more lines – !

Oh and I just thought of a book-related topic! Yesterday I found out that I had won a first, signed copy of Auguste’s Corteau new book “Ο άνθρωπος που έτρωγε πολλά” – meaning “The man who ate a lot” and I was over the moon! I will show it to you once I actually get my hands on it. I have never read anything of his, but I am already a huge fan because of his activism regarding the LGBT community.

Hope you’re having a great week!