There and back again

DSC_0622So February turned out to be quite fun because I had the chance to embark on an adventure to reach Mordor -or most likely- take a trip to Komotini, a city located in the region of East Macedonia, Greece. Although I spent only a few days there, I really enjoyed myself and had the chance to excercise my photography skills.
DSC_0671DSC_0683Komotini is a city full of students and thus very much alive! Coffeshops and bars are always crowded, no matter what time you decide to head out for a coffee or a drink, the clubs are full even on weekdays, and if you feel hungry at 5 am -after having been hammered- most fast food restaurants make deliveries!
DSC_0966Another great fact about the city is that it has a wide network of bike lanes, which people actually use, and there are also traffic lights for the bikers! The streets are filled with strays which saddened me, but the locals express a positive attitude towards them. One more thing that you can easily find while wandering in the city, is the street art which is abundant in the allies! DSC_0682

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In other news, I got my hands on Auguste Corteau’s book -which I talked about winning here– and I can say that it is the most genuine and funniest book that I’ve read in a long time! It consists of short chapters in which the author satirizes himself and some of his life incidents so sincerely and hilariously that I caught myself laughing through most of it! After having read it all, I went straight to the bookstore and purchased his most well-known book which I already started devouring.

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“Deadpool” hit the theaters and it was time for me to see for myself what the fuzz was all about. And I saw. After a queue at the box office so long that when I arrived I had to stand outside the cinema -by the road-, an even longer queue at the lobby for popcorn and beverages which I never got because the movie was about to start and it was an eat-popcorn-or-watch-the-movie situation and after some strangers took my seat -because although the seats were numbered, it was an unspoken rule that anyone could sit anywhere if they got there first- I FINALLY saw it! And thank God it was funny, otherwise I would have gone Deadpool on everyone at the cinema that night! You should definitely watch it, especially if you are into splatter/sexual references/impossible things happening/antihero comedies (if there’s in fact such thing).

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9 thoughts on “There and back again

  1. Ερωτεύθηκα την Κομοτηνή! 😍 Πολυπολιτισμική και πανέμορφη! Και μάλλον τελειοποίησες τις ικανότητες σου στη φωτογραφία γιατί όλες όσες βλέπω είναι υπέροχες!

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  2. Έμεινα 5 χρόνια στην Κομοτηνή και παρ’ότι μου έμεινε ο καημός να περάσω Θεσσαλονίκη, πέρασα ωραία φοιτητικά χρόνια! Ποια μαγαζιά σου άρεσαν περισσότερο?

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    1. Από αυτά που επισκέφθηκα μου άρεσε το Bicicletta και το Λούκι! Ήθελα να πάω και στο Piccolo και στο Μαρμελάδα αλλά ήμασταν αρκετά άτομα και δεν συμφωνήσαμε δυστυχώς 😦

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