Little women

Today was a day dedicated to literature, or so we thought when we decided to have a meet-up with my fellow book-bloggers from Athens! Yes, I finally met the people with whom I share my reading passion and exchange thoughts through my computer screen- and they were even more wonderful than I thought!
So Eleni, Panagiota, Georgia, Sofia, Katerina and me got together and talked about anything and everything over coffee, tea and sweets in a petite, french cafe in the heart of the city. I won’t say more but I shall let you take a glimpse of our first ever gathering!

From the top left it’s me, Eleni, Georgia and from the bottom left Katerina, Sofia and Panagiota!

Till next time,


9 thoughts on “Little women

  1. Little women with big dreams!!! Σήμερα πέρασα τόσο μα τόσο όμορφα και χάρηκα που επιτέλους σας γνώρισα από κοντά! Μια ❤️ για την καθεμία σας!

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