A taste of my June


The past few months were not very book-related. Being at work most of the day and trying to cope with the heat the rest of it, I decided it was high time I watched something new. So after postponing it for 7 years, a hot day of June, I watched the first episode of “How I met you mother“. I have to say I was a big hater of the series, as I stood by the opinion that it was just an inferior, badly made copy of “Friends”. Although it is a bit similar to “Friends”, it is quite fun and pleasant to watch. My favourite character is Marshall and my least favourite is Robin.

June also brought some packages at my door. The first one, which I’m currently reading, is “Monkey Mind: A Memoir of Anxiety” by Daniel Smith. As its name states, it is a memoir of a person with anxiety disorder and it lets the reader take a peek inside his mind. It’s funny, tragic and most of all, very real. Daniel Smith is not afraid to stand “nude” in front of you and show you what living with a disorder is really like. You will think twice before you call your uneasiness a”panick attack”.
The second package was a box set of an author I just discovered. It took me long enough and I am really ashamed of that, but a whole new world was revealed to me. I’m talking about William Joyce and “The Guardians” series. What do you get when you combine a pirate-like Santa Claus, a fierce Tooth Fairy and the easter bunny with a villain called Nightmare King? Pure magic! And let’s not forget about the illustration and general presentation of the books which is divine! I have a feeling that William Joyce just reserved a pretty big space on my bookcase!
DSC_0878DSC_0879DSC_0880Two books that also keep me company these days are the BFG by my beloved Roald Dahl -which made its appearance to the big screen– and “Les vanaces de Rosalie” -Rosalie’s vacation- by Ginette Anfousse, a book that I own since I was seven and it is summer itself for me.

So, what are YOU currently reading?

Till next time,


P.S. While most people hit the beaches, I prefer to spend my time in more alternative ways. So how about a night game of chess at the garden?


5 thoughts on “A taste of my June

  1. Very nice photos and an informative sum-up of your June. I love this! It has so much in it. I’m gonna check out Monkey Mind 🙂 One of my friends has the “Playbook” from HIMYM and it’s hilarious, I couldn’t believe they actually wrote the book! This show is AMAZING! It has its ups and downs but it’s one of the best tv series out there. I’m currently reading the Secret History by Donna Tartt, it’s well written but kind of slow for me… Did you see the BFG?

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