Meet your heroes

jg215th of December 2016 was the day I met a person I look up to and whom I have mentioned before in one of my previous posts. Dr. Jane Goodall’s European tour included our country and when I found out she would give a speech in Athens, I could not believe it. Literally, I thought that her speech was going to be broadcast live and shown at a hall, at Megaron -Athens Concert Hall- so I remained calm and tried to decide whether I should go to watch it there or just watch it from the comfort of my couch. Τhe calmness lasted about three days, because that is how long it took me to realise that dr. Goodall would indeed visit Megaron. And that’s when I lost it.

I counted the days, planned my moves carefully and thought of every possible outcome of this dreamy encounter. The speech would start at 7 p.m. and the tickets would be dealt free of charge at 5.30 p.m. I left work early and headed home to grab a bite, pack my books in case there was even the slightest chance of her signing them, and with butterflies in my stomach, I headed to Megaron. I was there at 4 p.m. along with three other people who must have had the same excitement as me, and as we waited for one and a half hour for the tickets, the line got so long, people had to wait outside the building. When I got the precious piece of paper that would bring me one step closer to Jane, I found myself standing in a second line to enter the hall. Its entrance would open at 6.30 so I waited another hour and found a seat quite close to the stage. At last, at 7.30, dr. Goodall appeared on stage and for the next hour, I was hanging on her every word, even though I had already read and known everything she spoke about.


After the speech was over, she announced that she would sign books, so there I was, at yet another line, holding my books in my arms, my heart racing, with every step I took towards her. “Will she sign both my books?”, “Should I talk to her?” “Can I shake her hand?” “What should I say to her?” And then, there was no more time to think about anything, cause there she was, sitting on a little table waiting for me to hand her my books. My face must have turned red, and my hands were shaking, and my voice could not leave my mouth but I managed to shake her hand, and give her my books and exchange a few words. I also gave her a letter I had written the night before, hoping see would someday read it. And then I left. With my heart still racing, with my hands still shaking and with my face still red, but with the content and fulfillment of a life dream.

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One thought on “Meet your heroes

  1. Είναι πραγματικά υπέροχο να γνωρίζεις ανθρώπους που έχουν μιλήσει βαθιά μέσα σου – και τρομακτικό! Κι εγώ θα ήμουν σίγουρα τελείως αγχωμένη!!!


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